Richard teaches these courses and is a Gold Certified Clio Consultant with more than 6 years experience implementing this program for hundreds of users.

The following sessions are two hours, unless noted otherwise, and presented online using Webinar software. The cost is $150 per attendee unless otherwise noted. Sessions may also include documentation of procedures at no extra cost.

QuickStart – One hour course is free if you subscribed to Clio with the MME referral code, otherwise $100

If you are just getting started or you are not sure you got it right the first time, this session is for you. 

  • Navigation –  learn Clio and browser navigation tips
  • Basic Setup – how to add Users, Practice Areas, Activity Descriptions, Document Categories, Billing Rates and Matter numbering
  • Data Entry – learn the best way to add Contacts and Matters
  • Timekeeping – create Time and Expense entries
  • Billing – generate an Invoice (basic bill cycle)
  • Calendaring – learn how to enter Events and share calendars
  • Documents – save documents to Matters

Intermediate Training

  • Setup – use Google Chrome settings for downloading and uploading files
  • Navigation – learn the fastest way to get around in Clio
  • Contacts – build relationships using Company, Person and Matter records
  • Matters – learn proper setup for billing and workflow (pending, open and closed)
  • Matter numbering – build a searchable matter name
  • Custom Fields – learn how to use custom fields for search and workflow
  • Rates – setup a billable matter and define rates
  • Entering Time – streamline data entry using Timekeeping and Activity Descriptions
  • Documents – use Categories to organize files and learn how to create, edit and save
  • Tasks – delegate to others and track future dates

Advanced Training

  • Advanced workflow – create Task Lists for complex deadline tracking and delegation
  • Email – use the Gmail toolbar extension or Click To File to eliminate email overload
  • Mobility – access Clio on other devices
  • Client portal – share Matters with Clio Connect and use Google Forms for automated intake
  • CRM – customize Clio for Customer Relationship Management
  • Billing – use Billing Reports and setup non-hourly billing arrangements
  • Integration – work with programs for scanning, accounting, research, phone logs and more…

Document Automation & Management

  • Setup – create Categories, Templates and Custom Fields
  • Document cycle – create, download, revise and upload documents
  • Merge codes – organize merge data for document assembly
  • Building Templates – create basic and complex templates
  • 3rd party integration – learn the pros and cons of using 3rd party apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
  • Signatures and sharing – obtain digital signatures and share documents using Clio Connect