If you are in the service business, your most valuable asset is you and the people in your organization.  Yesterday, several of my clients made investments in their people.  How?  They sent them to a software training webinar.  What they learned will make them more valuable each and every day, hopefully for years to come.

My business is creating awesome databases for my clients and there really are no shortcuts. Without comprehensive training, awesome doesn’t happen.   Unfortunately some people confuse automation as being effortless.  It just ain’t so.  In fact the more the software automates your office, the more training you will need.  That software you were sold that requires little to no setup and training—probably doesn’t do much.

How about it?  Is it time to take a hard look at the amount and quality of meaningful training you and your staff receive?  Maybe before you make a decision on that next software program, you can ask “how will we be trained?”


Clients invest in their most valuable asset and receive huge ROI

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